Image by Ross Sneddon

Music Video Production Services

Coming from a musical background ourselves, we connect very well with musicians.  We love to capture live music performances as well as staged music performances and traditional music videos.  Contact us today if you have a performance or music video that needs to be captured!

Live Music Performance

We know that you want to capture your show at your favorite venue in the best way possible.  Whether you want a live music performance at an actual show or a staged music performance where we can do multiple takes, we will need to work with an audio engineer to capture the best quality audio possible.  We have a list of some great audio engineers in the area that we like to work with, so rest assured that we can get the job done. 

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Music Videos

Every music video is different and unique.  We want you to be able to express your feelings through a visual representation of your music, so we work very closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life.  Pricing starts at $1500 for basic locations and goes up from there depending on the planning and location scouting involved.